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When I told my good friend Joe that I had been beset by a nasty case of writer’s block, he suggested finding something to rank in a list, as it can be a quick and easy way to ease back into the writing game. I’ve never done a list, but I’m very excited to try it! 

10. This exact toothpaste


Most dentists recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a week. Raise your hand if you actually do that. That’s what I thought! But don’t worry, this tube of Crest™ Be Inspired™ Vanilla Mint Spark™ Fluoride Toothpaste has made brush-time a real treat. The toothpaste inside this exact container tastes very good. It’s only my first tube, so I can’t say anything about the toothpaste inside other toothpaste tubes that look like this one does, but I can tell you that the exact toothpaste inside this tube of toothpaste that I purchased is just great. I very much recommend this exact toothpaste.

9. All castles


Have you ever seen a castle or a picture of a castle? If so, you probably noticed that castles are very cool. Don’t know what a castle is? Let me help. There are literally more than 15 pictures of castles that turn up if you visit “” on the internet and type “castles” in the typing area. And here’s the thing — they’re all really great to look at. That’s why they’re number 9.

8. The ability of beavers to bite down trees


Would you just take a good, long, hard look at this picture? That’s a beaver and he bit that tree enough times that it actually fell down. It is believed by some that these clever animals use the wood from these fallen trees to eat and also to build things call “dams”. Regardless of why, there’s just no getting around it; biting down trees is very impressive and good. Considering the fact that a beaver is only slightly larger than the average man, I think it makes sense why this comes right after castles on this list.

7. The Magnifying Glass

3Just for a minute, imagine a world where we never even invented the magnifying glass. How would we ever be able look at very small things? Sometimes it is really important to look at very small things, and since you need a magnifying glass to do that, it earns a place number 7.

6. Gatorade dog toys


Durable, fun to play with, and just the right size for a medium or large dog. You can throw them and your dog will go run to where the Gatorade dog toy lands on the ground. What’s even better — they can be fun for the owner, too. Don’t believe me? Here’s why. They come full of liquids in all sorts of interesting colors which are very fun to watch go down the drain before you give it to your dog to play with. It’s very nice to see pet toy companies keeping the interests of both the pet and the owner at heart in this day and age, so I think it’s pretty obvious why this great product is included here.

5. Science


A lot of people on the website “” use the fuck word to describe how much they love science and share very interesting pictures of space. My parents taught me that when people say the fuck word it is very serious. Therefore, science belongs here at number 6.

4. Being inside of a car

5This smiling man is happy because he is inside of a car. It’s amazing how far technology has come and that we are able to own something that is so good to sit inside. As an added bonus, some cars have wheels so you can go somewhere and be inside of a car at the same exact time. Wow.

3. Some money4

See? This man will tell you that is a very good thing to have some money. All of the other things on this list can be gotten with money. Sometimes, you can give a person some money, and they will give you one of those things. Some money is paper and other money is metal, and that can be confusing, but don’t worry — you can use both of them to get things you want.

2. Metal music


This is a metal blog so I just had to include everyone’s favorite, most hard-rocking genre of music. Listening to metal music is a very great thing to do. I think we can all agree on that!

1. All the things on this list at the same time


Mind. Blown.

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