You Send Me Things, I Listen to Them: SLAVERY FARM


RIYL: Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, smashing the state

I walked out to my mailbox last week and was greeted by an envelope affixed with some strange, foreign stamps marked with a postage cost of €4.20, obviously a good omen. Inside was a sheet of xeroxed black and white paper wrapped around a plastic pouch containing a CD-R with a hand-scrawled label, another good ass sign. Because I longer have a computer with an optical drive, I jammed the disc into my car stereo and slowly rolled towards work in rush-hour traffic.

“Intro” begins with peals of feedback and sirens as Schultz the Barber delivers his impassioned speech for egalitarianism from Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. But soon all appeals towards human decency are tossed out the window as Slavery Farm slam into “The Blood Flows”. Slavery Farm, hailing from Rotterdam, are a band that have clearly studied the long history of anarcho-crust punk. Vocalist Mathew Altorf shreds his throat decrying the life-ending abominations of capitalism over that sweet familiar blown-out Marshall cabinet guitar tone. Underneath it all, drummer Richard Willemse beats the ever-loving FUCK out of his kit. Seriously, you’d think the damn thing yelled an Ayn Rand quote at him.

The band shifts speed between punk, crusty hardcore, and furious grind in just under 25 minutes. By the end of the record we’ll all have laughed,  loved, and set fire to a police cruiser together. The best part? Reborn is Name-Your-Price on Bandcamp. Pick it up here and follow the band on Facebook. Tell ’em the Toilet sez, “Hallo”.

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