Flush it Friday: 360 Rat-Scope


Look out Gamers™, there’s a new king of the hill in town. Why yes, I do have 400 confirmed frags with the Victor M2 Smart-Kill Electronic Rat Trap. Just after I toss out the charred remains, I use the Smart-Kill app to share my latest trophy on social media. No, no autographs please, and how dare you throw yourself at me like that, disgusting. I only mate with those with higher kill counts than myself, and good luck. Hold on, what’s this, I’m getting a notification…looks like a juicy boi just met his maker in the attic. Brb, try not to miss me too much. I guess you can buy me dinner later though. Heh. 

Speaking of juicy boiz, here are some of this week’s most succulent morsels:

Brandon Corsair clawed his way through graveyard dirt with the boys in Exhumation:

Review: Exhumation – Eleventh Formulae

Lacertilian sharded all over the toilet seat with a streaming premiere from Shards of Humanity:

Premiere: Stream This New Shards Of Humanity Shredder Right Now

BMP fell beneath the Frozen Moon spell of Eastside Daniel:

Review: Frozen Moon – Legend of East Dan II EP

Snooty McWords offered us a glimmer of hope with a compilation ft. Stormland, Putrescine, Sacred Son and other pals.

Hope In the Face of Fear

Yeah…I’m gonna need those G/B/Us right about now.

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