Youtube Bones Psychostick In The Trollingest Way Possible


You’ve got to pay the Youtube troll toll, if you want to get into that money’s hole. Or something.

Humorcore band and all-around fun dudes Psychostick recently released a new music video/song parodying System Of A Down’s “B.Y.O.B.” The band put a silly Christmas consumerism spin on it just in time for the holidays, so a bunch of blogs and websites picked up on it. It’s also the song enjoyed by the weird guy that you’re friends with on Youtube that complains about commercialism, but also has a GoFundMe page for himself so he can get the PlaystationVR while he’s in between jobs. As of this writing, the video is at about 150k views, so, naturally, the band wanted to capitalize on the success and tried to monetize the video. Apparently, Youtube had other ideas:

For whatever reason, Youtube thinks that this song, which I remind you is a parody of a System Of A Down song, is somehow Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird”. You know that song. It’s the one that every drunken yahoo shouts out at concerts, barbecues, fireworks displays, children’s recitals, and police lineups. This song is most definitely not “Free Bird.” Did the same thing happen to System Of A Down when “B.Y.O.B.” was uploaded? Does Weird Al have to deal with this too?

While this is most likely due to a few 1’s and 0’s being in the wrong place, it feels like Youtube is just trolling Psychostick. This isn’t the first time the band has been denied those sweet, sweet Youtube dollars. The only way Youtube could troll Psychostick harder is if they said the song was Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” while throwing memes at their faces.

Oh, well. We can always enjoy their previous Christmas parody, “Oh, Tannenbaum” done in the style of Rammstein.


Crud. Who would have guessed that Rammstein wouldn’t like this? Germans are famous for their sense of humor. Psychostick has no luck with their Christmas parodies. Maybe Christmas is off limits? Perhaps it’s time to move on to other holidays. I suggest a St. Patrick’s day version of “Down With The Sickness” or an Arbor Day version of “Cherry Orchards”. Those are a license to print money.

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