Hardly Workin’: A Labor Day Playlist


Ah, Labor Day, that most cherished of American holiday traditions in which we celebrate those who have fallen in the name of labor. Or something. Does anyone actually know what we’re celebrating? Is this just an arbitrarily chosen date picked by the president to appease an archaic organization that dissolved only a decade after the holiday’s establishment? Who cares, here are some tunes that have nothing to do with it:

And on that note (c/o Stockhausen):

What are your favorite Labor Day jams? Do you know what we’re celebrating? Do you care?

Editor’s Note: Today is obviously a  holiday! We’ll be back to a normal schedule tomorrow. In the meantime, WE WANT THE BEST UNSIGNED BANDS IN AMERICA. Help us out by suggesting sick bands that need more attention. Share this on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or on a bathroom wall. Wherever! Do it for the gipper Joe.

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