YouTube Comment Roulette


There is a hell. It’s real. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived in it. I’ve spent countless hours wandering through its vast wastes, battling the foul and misshapen creatures that reside in its most malignant corners. Yes my friends, there is a hell and I have seen it. It’s on YouTube. It’s called the comments section.

There are plenty of festering hellpits stuffed with garbage people all across the internet, but none are quite the magical mixture of hate, bigotry, sadness and amusement that the comments on YouTube videos are. No matter what video you click on you are guaranteed to find a comment that fits this description. Hell, we have a commenter whose entire being is built on comments like these! It’s as incredible as it is disheartening; if we’re being totally honest, we love these comments. We love to see the absurdities someone is willing to espouse to the world underneath a video of some grown-ass men in makeup playing instruments, to read the strange confessions of strange people on otherwise inoffensive warehouse music videos.

I love these comments, you love these comments…so why don’t we make a game out of it? I’m going to choose 10 whack ass youtube comments from music videos and you, loyal flushalo, are going to determine what band that comment was dedicated to via our favorite method of testing: Multiple choice. So prepare thine angus, and remember that like all other tests, if you fail we will be forced to put you down.

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