Flush It Friday: Missing U A Lot, Mole Crabs :(


When I was a fledgling, I spent a lot of time on the beaches of Cape Cod, hovering over tidal pools and looking for critters. On the shoreline, in the damp sand, I did a lot of digging and would sometimes uncover strange, purple-pink ovoids that flailed around on their profusion of legs before playing dead in my talons. I never really knew what they were, only that my family called them sand-fleas and I thought they were sorta cute. Fast-forward to the present day, and a biology book, Life Between the Tides by Adam Nicolson, has reminded me of their existence. A particular chapter dealt with sand-hoppers, but these weren’t the same li’l crustaceans. Vague image searches eventually led me to my prize: mole crabs! Just look at these little cuties!

Turns out, I haven’t seen them recently because A) I don’t like beaches these days and B) I don’t dig around in nearly enough sand. You know what I notice when my face isn’t buried in the sand? All the great TovH content this week!

Sepulcrustacean necro’d his Cold Steel Dawn series with 10 tasty morsels:

Cold Steel Dawn: Sepulcrustacean Returns (Again)

Tha Boiz checked in at the chapel for a theological Toilet Radio threnody:

Toilet Radio 428 – Metal Missionaries

Jimmy McNulty Sarcoptes‘d us with a video premiere:


IGoM premiered the latest from These Beasts, and I don’t mean his adorable doggos:

Album Premiere: These Beasts – Cares, Wills, Wants

What kinds of critters do you miss from your youth? Wistfully reminisce alongside your G/B/Us below! ~<3 Roldy

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