Vegan Nazis have beef with Varg Vikernes


Did you know vegan nazis are A Thing? I don’t mean vegans that are serious about veganism to the point of being figurative nazis, we all know at least one jerk that fits that description. I mean nazis that also happen to be vegan. Take my hand as we marvel at the depraved depths of mankind. I’ll be expecting a call from the Pulitzer committee for that headline.

If you ever wanted to watch hundreds of hastily made videos featuring a middle aged man ranting about “traditional values”, the white race, weapons, and women, you’ve got many, many options available to you thanks to cable news, the internet, and the VHS collection of my creepy uncle Beauregard. Or you could watch the youtube channel of Burzum creator/D&D enthusiast/convicted murderer/dildo Kristian “Varg” Vikernes.

I’ve never watched his videos because when I last checked Everything is Terrible still exists and I don’t need anything else in my life for entertainment. BUT, my buddy Utmu tipped me off to a video that the V-card recently tossed-off that’s got the vegan nazis all a-titter. The video in question, “Vegans & B12”, presents a fascinating peek into the lives of people that care about the earth and animal welfare, but also think that non-whites are subhuman and should die.

If you’d like to watch a deranged old man that doesn’t even lift deliver a half-assed spiel about the nutritional detriments of a vegan diet, you can do so here. Or you could read the Misc forum on For the rest of us, here’s a taste of the HUNDREDS of idiotic comments on Varg’s video.


We’re immediately invoking Godwin’s Law by walking ass backwards into it. In addition to vegetarianism, Hitler also practiced suicide. Just food for thought, WHITES UNITE.


Please, Varg, attack the REAL ISSUES. Like those damn Jews that somehow cause BelusDeath to disappoint his parents on a daily basis.


These two hang iron cross flags in their living room. Not out of hate, of course. They’re just total history buffs.


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