A Children’s Treasury of “Down with the Sickness” Vines


Vine, the 6-second long video app, is getting shut down. This is a shame for a number of reasons, not least of which, we will miss out on future installments of teenagers enjoying the one metal song they can recognize that was released this century: Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness”.  Join me as I get down with the sickness, 6 seconds at a time. Oh wah ah ah ah.

Yesterday it was announced that Twitter, the beleaguered 140-character hate-speech messaging platform would lay off 10% of their staff and and also shut down Vine. Vine, the 6-second long video app, was essential in launching the careers of thousands of teenagers named Chris or Jayden or some shit. But more importantly, Vine hosted a small number of clips that completely slayed me, and millions of other idiots with perfectly timed and hilarious looping video clips. Over the next few months, the entire thing will be shuttered. Before it’s all over, let’s remember some of the good times. The good times that involved getting down with the sickness.

This man is sitting alone in the corner at your favorite karaoke bar right now.

Friends was a blight on American culture. It only makes sense to pair it with DAVID DRAIMAN’s greatest creation.

I can only assume Vine user ASSEATINGPRO knew exactly what he was doing here. He IS a pro.

There are a SHOCKING number of Vines of people vaping to Down with the Sickness. I chose but one of the many.

Baby seals can get down wit’ da sickness too.

Baby humans get down wit’ da sickness.

How we all feel when getting down with the sickness.

This is for Lacertilian

ABGDWTS. Always Be Getting Down With The Sickness.

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