Photo Chop: 10th Edition


Last time, J.R. received the most stabs for revealing the true nature of the couple in the woods who answered the following craigslist ad:

Fun-loving, quest-going lord & lady couple seek huzzah-making experiences in yonder enchanted woods. Bringeth thy most powerful staff or thy most wondrous love pouch to coaxeth our gleaming potions of lust-making from our blazing souls and/or holes of glory. Also be a dragon so we can bang.


Congratulations ov glory, J.R.! Ye golden bowl hath been found, alerteth the good King Shit of Ancient Fuck Mountain! His most loyal Lord Papa Joe and Lady Steeldragon were triumphant in their quest!

Alas, the Lord Papa Joe hath been slain… just now. Mourn the imaginary-for-the-sake-of-this-post passing of ye most glorious Toilet Lord. The Lady Steeldragon must avengeth his death, as conveniently seen below. Godspeed ye faire dragoness, and don’t forget to pick up your Evanescence CDs that you left next to the battery-powered camping stereo in order for you to get into the right mindset to take this picture.


Stab to embiggen (via)

The rules:

  • Keep it safe for work
  • Be creative & use whatever tools you want; “talent” or “skill” is not required
  • Post your entry in a new Disqus comment below
  • Entries will be judged on the number of upvotes they receive
  • The winner will be announced in the following week’s edition and might win… something!


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