Album Art ov the Century Tournament: The Semi-Finals


120 covers eliminated, only 8 remain.
Who will you vote through?
Who will you kill along the way?
Why are we doing this again?

So rather than give the more detailed match-by-match run-down of the Quarter Finals from each pool, it’s easier to sum them up by saying all but 2 of the contests ended up with roughly 60% of the vote going to the winner of each respective match. The only non-conformists were Bell Witch‘s Mirror Reaper hitting nearly 75% against Cormorant, and Loss + Sulphur Aeon winning their matches by only a few percent each. Here’s how our tables look now…

[extremely 8-bit Italian Plumber voice]
Heeerea wee goooo

Mastodon – Leviathan [2004]

Paul Romano

Horrendous – Ecdysis [2014]

Brian Smith

[yop_poll id=”226″]

Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper [2017]

Mariusz Lewandowski

Baroness – Red Album [2007]

John Baizley

[yop_poll id=”227″]


Loss – Horizonless [2017]

Adam Burke

Serocs – The Phobos/Deimos Suite [2018]

Nicola Samori

[yop_poll id=”228″]


Zhrine – Unortheta [2017]

Zbigniew M. Beliak

Sulphur Aeon – Gateway To The Antisphere [2015]

Ola Larsson

[yop_poll id=”229″]
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