Premiere: The Sound That Ends Creation’s Fitting Through the Crawlspace Between Rhyme and Reason


Politics, seasonal affective disorder, or just the plain ol’ holiday season got you down? This new album of cataclysmic deathgrind is just the thing to help you work out all that rage! Today I’m pleased as hell to premiere an apocalyptic banger from The Sound that Ends Creation. This is Fitting Through the Crawlspace of Rhyme and Reason.

Trying to nail down Fitting Through the Crawlspace is tantamount to attempting to lasso a sizable tornado, but this twenty-minute maelstrom will certainly appeal to fans of PsyopusAgoraphobic Nosebleed, Of Men and Angels Fleshand Onryō. Even namedropping those reference markers feels a bit disingenuous as you see those cairns for only brief seconds, like flashes of destructive lightning, as they fly about within the blustering storm. No, TSTEC is a challenging listen with so much variety and density that its relatively short duration feels almost a mercy.

Across these ten tracks, you’ll find a catalogue of oddities not limited to:

  • Between the Buried and Me and Ion Dissonance-style genre breaks, replete with clean vocal lines and off-kilter melodies.
  • Grind riffs so absurdly heavy they’d make Car Bomb and Human Remains blush.
  • Gonzo drum programming sure to quicken jealousy in Scott Hull’s and The Berzerker‘s drum machines’ loins.
  • Enough samples (even South Park soundbytes) to fill a goregrind EP.
  • A manic rhythmic sense that suits the deranged vocal variety like a glove.

Lest you think this is just a checklist of zaniness, however, fret not. Mastermind Chris Dearing is an architect through and through; where lesser bands would crumble after the inclusion of an unexpected spoken word break, Dearing steadily guides the music into one of the most engaging interplays between rhythm and lead guitars you’ll hear all year (on album closer “I Love the Way Your Hair Looks After a Nuclear Holocaust”). Where others may falter after a goofy audio sample, Dearing commands your attention with the kind of back-breaking blast beat section and harmonic assault Devin Townsend dreams about. This album is exhausting, but it’s all the better for that quality. It’s an intentional assault on the senses, one that offers sweet cathartic release after all that exertion.

As Dearing snarls out in an intoxicatingly violent growl on “No Rest for the Workin’ Man,” “It’s all bullshit. It’s all bullshit!” Fitting Through the Crawlspace of Rhyme and Reason is a violent whirlwind, but it meets you where you are. And right now, we probably need that. Let’s work through it with some feral, mathcore x grind jams.

Fitting Through the Crawlspace of Rhyme and Reason is out on Saturday, November 11th. Dearing says he’ll make it free to download on release, but if you’d like to pre-order, you can do so at the Bandcamp link below.

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