Album Premiere: Betrayal – Disorder Remains


I love it when a band is flexible.

Most of my favorite albums are the ones that kept me guessing the first time through, where each song feels like a distinct entity from the last. An album where a band explores their sonic identity and pushes their sound to new places is almost always more compelling than one that plays by the book; even when something doesn’t quite work, it’s at least interesting to hear. And when it does all work, when all the pieces of the rules the band breaks fall into place, you’ve got yourself something that can stand the test of time.

After several spins, I believe I can safely assert that Germany’s Betrayal has crafted just such a record with Disorder Remains. It’s an eclectic work of modern death metal, drawing influence from a multitude of sources that come together in such a way that it never feels derivative. Even in moments when you find yourself thinking you’ve heard this before, the band’s execution is always good enough that you’ll enjoy regardless. I am very pleased to bring you the full album stream today, so without further ado, hit play and dive into this.

I will admit I was skeptical this album would hold my attention when I first started listening; the opening track is solid blackened death metal by way of 00’s Behemoth and, while enjoyable, I wasn’t sure it would stay that way for a whole album. Of course, this wasn’t the case; the third track, “War,” changes pace immediately with strong melodies and light prog elements while retaining that dark blackened death atmosphere, and I was hooked immediately. It only continues to get better from there, incorporating elements of tech and sassy Revocation-style thrash throughout its run. Whatever the band is doing at any given moment, this album is tons of fun, and it’s really easy to hit that replay button as soon as it’s over.

Disorder Remains is an immediately rewarding listen, and you won’t have to wait too much longer to get your hands on it. Pick it up on Bandcamp or Betrayal’s web store ahead of its release this Friday, April 16th, via Rising Nemesis. Be sure to give Betrayal a follow on Facebook as well.

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