Album Premiere: CacheS/T


“Yo dude listen to this new doom shit, it’s… catchy?”

Recently I’ve been having a hard time finding something to write about, not sure what I’ve been looking for but I had this itch for something original, something I hadn’t heard before. That was the point in which I heard about this premiere for a new band called Cache; I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a listen… Jesus Christ on a motor bike this shit is hard as nails and I love it. Nasty knuckle-dragging guitar riffs, horrifying wailed vocals, pummeling beatdown drums, and a heavily distorted bass that… get this… you can actually hear in the mix. Sign me up right now, this sounds like my kinda party.

Cache, a 5-piece band residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota formed in 2019, and then subsequently reformed in 2022 (wonder what happened in 2020-21? /s), are now finally ready to unleash this absolute monster of an EP, and ugh, I’m so glad they are. I’ve been needing something like this. Listening to the tracks I can tell this is going to be a perfect record for live performances—it blends my favorite aspects of doom/sludge instrumentals with hardcore-style vocals, and an energy that I can’t describe as anything but fun. That’s an unusual combo to me, honestly never really thought of it as being a possibility until I heard it, and I’m damn excited that you all are about to get to hear it too.

I can tell that the guys in the band had a lot of fun recording this, and it’s definitely a fun listen. it has a very strong mix, good separation so you can pick out all of the instruments, and gobs of sub bass that make it fun to headbang to. it takes a lot of skill to pull off this much genre-bending and even more to make it good. Honestly, this project speaks for itself, give it a listen, but buckle up because it’ll knock you flat on your ass otherwise (yet you’ll still thank them for the experience).

Cache is out Friday June 30th, I recommend grabbing a copy on Bandcamp!

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