Toilet Radio 242 – The Comedy Episode w/ Andrew Mayer


What’s the DEAL with airplane food? And comedy, for that matter? We’re joined by comedian Andrew Mayer to talk about stand-up and the many painful quirks of the artform. We’re talkin’: trying to tell jokes while failing to break a stupid world record, almost opening for Rage Against the Machine, The Scorpion King soundtrack, recording live albums, non-premium Spotify, pay-to-play schemes, shit-ass roommates and embarrassing college stories (feat. Jordan), Joe hating improv, the impossible goal of success, class solidarity among artists, and scoping eBay for vintage Bob Saget t-shirts. This one’s a change of pace, but goddammit, it’s a good one.

Music COMEDY featured on this episode:
Andrew Mayer’s – Having a Nice Time available now on Spotify and iTunes. Follow Andrew on Twitter.

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