Track Premiere: Estrangement – Detritivore


Come hungry, leave empty.

The chilly Autumn winds whip up the dried leaves with greater frequency as we slip deeper into the season. Despite the joyful holiday season inching closer, thoughts of endings, and of loss, and of death are inescapable. Call it the passage of time or seasonal depression or just simple acceptance. Darkness pervades and persists. With that,  today, Australia’s Estrangement gives us the gift of voracious sorrow.

Detritivore is a 9-minute emotional journey dripping with tears of frustration and anxious tension. It take you from doom metal to classical to neo-whatever to black metal all in one song.  The agony is palatable with bellowing growls, mournful guitars and strings, and haunting flute. It’s a bad time in a good way. Fans of Nortt and Esoteric with briefly smirk with delight before turning their attention back into the gaping maw of eternity. If you need a heavy dose of depression, click play:

Disfigurementality will be released on November 25th via Aesthetic Death. Give Estrangement a Like on Facebook while you’re at it.

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