Album Premiere: Deathsiege – Throne of Heresy


A few days days ago I asked our own local Toilet Friend Rolderathis if I could “bludgeon our listeners’ earballs for ~30 continuous minutes with some war metal?”, to which he responded, “sure, it sounds like a hoot!” That gave me the approval to share Deathsiege‘s masterfully crafted Everlasting Spew debut of Throne of Heresy with you!

Deathsiege had already won me over with a single track on a particularly satisfying premiere in the past. The ferocity, onslaught of riffs, INCREDIBLE guitar solos, and double bass drums were tasty as any band could have provided. I had crossed my fingers that the rest of their music was going to be equally as good. And a few weeks later I got to find out: was the full album worth a chance or not?

The answer is: yep!

Want to hear it in full? (And I do recommend it.), Here I give you the chance:

Now I would like to take a second and give any tentative listener the following piece of advice: though Deathsiege does NOT mess* around, there are strategic places of respite where one can take a breather among an album filled to the brim with ferocity. This band obviously knows how to arrange a full session of bludgeoning, with appropriate areas of “easing off the gas pedal” at times when most appropriate. War Metal—as we all can acknowledge—can grow tiresome after a prolonged period of time, but Deathsiege knows when to provide periods of change-up in order to make a full album listen (not only bearable but) satisfactory.

My friends, I can guarantee you that this is an exciting listen from start to finish. And if you want to hear one of my favorite moments, start at track 10 “Poisonous Worlds” and pay attention to how wonderfully it blends into “Unworthy Adversary”.

This is Deathsiege’s BandCamp page, where Throne of Heresy is out tomorrow, October 28th via our friends at Everlasting Spew. Give them some love. It’s so cool when a neat label discovers a neat band and gives them a platform!

*Fuck, if you’re into swear words.

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