Review: Perdition Temple – The Tempter’s Victorious


I hope you flushers brought extra toilet paper, because… DAYUM!

Once upon a time ago there was a glorious band named Angelcorpse. Some of you may be familiar with the band… They put out four sinister full length albums in a twelve year span that destroyed every fucking thing in purity’s path. Angelcorpse unfortunately called it quits (obviously) years back, but Gene Palubicki (guitarist and songwriter), who did not want to live life sitting around not destroying posers, decided to start another satanic army to destroy the innocents. The blasphemous riff king “Gene” decided to keep on crushing the holy name with his threatening and evil riffs; and so Perdition Temple was born from the most vile of cvnts.

Perdition Temple have accumulated more tyrants since their first album (Edict of the Antichrist Elect), which was just Gene Palubiocki on guitar/bass/vocals and Terry Eleftheriou A.K.A: Warhead on the skins. For their newest and third savage release, Gene recruited former Angelcorpse guitarist Bill Taylor (also of Immolation) and Black Witchery‘s barbarian war-master Impurath for vocals. Ronnie Parmer (Catalysis) is playing drums now, which is a bonus because this heathen can bring the hell-fury hard. Every hit by Ronnie is like a violent hammer coming down on the nails of a crucifix (check out this video of Ronnie blasting the song “The Tempters Victorious” on drums).

The Tempter’s Victorious starts off with pummeling, no-bullshit blastbeats and a schizophrenic riff that lets you know right from the starting line that you are in for a punishing fucking ride all the way to hell bliss. The thing you must first understand about Perdition Temple is that they provide nothing groundbreaking. What Perdition Temple achieve in the strongest sense is well-crafted, fast, savage barbaric blackened death metal; executed similarly to untouchable bands like Angelcorpse (obviously), Vader, Diabolic, Impiety and early Morbid Angel. Gene and Bill’s guitar work throughout the album is some of the most menacing stuff around right now, and they’re tight as fuck together (fingers be moving fast on dem fret boards). There’s no slowing down at all; every riff is on fast-forward, leaving little to no break room for drummer Ronnie Parmer, who absolutely destroys. His drumming is frantic, precise to the riffs, and has enough variety to make for a much more interesting listen. Creatively it’s nothing special, but that’s not the goal here. It’s just supposed to be crushing and fast – like a sledge hammer with a cocaine problem. And it is. Ingenious mixing of double bass and blasting adds tons of fury to these songs. 


The vocals are well executed, something to be expected from Impurath, who proved himself worthy in the last EP (which, by the way, crushed fucking skulls). He’s goddamn ferocious! His style leans to the death metal side of the spectrum, somehow managing to sound even more cruel than he does in the all-conquering Black Witchery.

The production is goddamn spot-on perfect! There’s no fluff added, and it’s not made to sound overly raw like you’ll often hear from related bestial black metal and black/death metal bands (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either). It sounds great, not over produced or under produced. Everything sounds natural, which is a huge bonus since so many of these high-speed bands rely heavily on drum triggers, which sound fucking awful most of the time. The drums, guitars, and vocals can be heard crystal clear without a flaw from the musicians. These heathens can play their material, and really fucking well!

The Tempter’s Victorious is not for the faint of heart. If you want some well-produced and well-crafted bestial blackened death metal then you came to the right fucking place. Go grab an extra roll of toilet paper and be prepared to get the shit beat out of you. It’s forced me to use six rolls in a single night. TOTAL FUCKING DEATH AND ANNIHILATION!


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