Album Premiere: OMEGA POINT – Isolation


Greetings friends. Are you ready to fuckin’ jam?

Omega Point. Does the name ring a bell? Eagle-eyed Flushers will be familiar with Omega Point from Jimmy McNulty’s glowing review of their debut record The Descent. Omega Point, the studio project of YouTube guitarist Ristridi, is back for another round of progressive, melodic, black-ish metal with sophomore release Isolation. If you like the guitar as an instrument, a sound, or even as a concept, this record is gonna knock your socks off.

Ristridi, otherwise known as Michael Wöß, 23-year-old German guitarist wunderkind, is mostly known for his impressive guitar work on YouTube. With Omega Point, Ristridi takes all of his ideas and techniques and creates an immersive album experience. Isolation is a breathtaking, fully formed journey in progressive black metal. But don’t worry riff junkies – each track on Isolation contains a guitar line you’ll walk away thinking about for days after.

While The Descent featured programmed the drums, Isolation contains the real life percussive clatter of Chris Dovas (Seven Spires). The result is a more dynamic attack that seamlessly blasts and syncopates listeners through the depressive expanse of Isolation. Jonathan Rittirsch (with lyrics written by Maximilian Birkl) handles vocal duties, spitting a desperately emotional tale of grief over the hook-laden melodies of Ristridi.

But enough of my chatter. I’m stoked as hell to premiere Isolation in full for you today. Click play right now and experience the magic yourself.

Isolation drops on September 1st. Go ahead and purchase it and a nifty t-shirt on Bandcamp. If you want more guitar madness, go smash that mu’fuckin subscribe button on Ristridi’s YouTube.

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