Toilet Radio 196: The HAMMERFALL Interview


OK, OK. Settle down, nerds. Nina from A Sound of Thunder went and got hit by a whole ass bus but that didn’t stop her from interviewing one of her favorite musicians. Join as she talks with Oscar Dronjak about HammerFall‘s World of Warcraft connection, XTREME CURLING, the band’s George R.R. Martin themes on their new record Dominion, how American venues are getting better at taking care of bands, and what he’s learned in 30 years of being a musician. BUT BEFORE WE GET INTO THAT, your three chucklehead hosts got into a spirited discussion about label printers, cutting your hair, and the question of the week: DO YOU NEED TO SIGN TO A RECORD LABEL? This is a good one, folks. If you wanna skip the idle chatter and get straight to the interview, feel free to skip to 30:46.

Music featured on this show:
HammerFall – Tower of Silence from Dominion out August 16th on Napalm Records

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