Album Premiere: The Third Kind – Man vs Earth


Beam me up from the underground.

Sick Of It All once sang “Let’s take the night off, this world’s a mess.” NYC-ers The Third Kind says, “Forget taking the night off, this world’s a mess.” Featuring members of All Out War, Bastard Clan, Big Gunz, and Vise Massacre, The Third Kind are ready to throw down against all comers with their new album Man vs Earth. While some bands look to the stars and get all googly-eyed thinking about little green men, The Third Kind turn their focus inwards to humanity and don’t like what they see.

The band’s style of New York Hardcore meets Crossover brings to mind old-schoolers like Subzero, Merauder, and Skarhead. With only two songs clocking in at over three minutes, Man vs Earth wastes no time getting to the point. Songs are fast and punchy with stompers, rompers, and and all-out pile-ons. There’s just something so appealing about the New York hardcore attitude that has always connected me. I think it’s because of the sincerity. When they talk about protecting family, they’re going to protect family. When they say they’re going to pound your face in, they’re going to pound your face in. This is the genuine, aggressive sounds for everyman. Those who show respect, earn respect. Show some respect and listen to Man vs Earth right now, tough guy.

Man vs Earth is out this Friday. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp. Watch their new video, like them on Facebook, and Follow them on Instagram. Don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes.

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