Infant Annihilator – Three Bastards: A Video Breakdown


It’s like Three Kings but without Ice Cube, George Clooney…actually, it’s nothing like Three Kings.

If your parodistic/ironic/satirical brutal metal band is rapidly approaching your 10 year anniversary, are you still parodistic/ironic/satirical or have you lapsed into sincerity? English/American deathcore band Infant Annihilator are now on their third album, still slinging their brand of hurgles and gurgles with a self-aware wink to the extreme metal scene. By being absurd while pointing out the absurdity of the genre, is everything no longer absurd? Damn, did I just make a fact? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by watching the band’s new video. Let’s break it down.



Hey, it’s Randall Thor!


I assume this is what it’s like in the VIP section of Coachella.


It’s a Twitter humble-brag brought to life.


They’re not actually dancing, they just filled their pants with horseshoe crabs.


They’re going to have to change their name to Nipple Annihilator after this shoot.


Milk was a bad choice.


Thank you, Infant Annihilator, for bringing sexy back.


This is how they mosh in the Midwest.


It’s nice they could find another use for some leftover pimp costumes from last Halloween.


All the…small things…


Infant Annihilator’s album The Battle of Yaldabaoth will be released on September 11th.

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