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Hot dog! Check out this brand new design and help support the Toilet ov Hell.

Buy a Toilet ov Hell shirt right here.

I know you love Toilet. Toilet loves you too. If you’ve ever wanted to support this humble commode, there are three ways to do it: (1) Share your favorite blog posts on social media (2) Write about things you like (hit me up for more deets), or, (3) Buy a TovH shirt! We don’t offer Toilet merch very often, so when we do, we want it to be the coolest thing you can wear. I think you’ll really dig this one.

toilet ov hell shirt

This radical design was created by Rory Blank, an Austin artist who recently helped raise $70,000 for abortion advocacy by creating shirts rightfully declaring that sweaty cave troll Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer. I own one. A metal fan himself, Rory agreed to create a Toilet ov Hell shirt after I wouldn’t stop pestering him. This time around, you can purchase a high-quality American Apparel t-shirt OR a mosh-bro approved tank top featuring Rory’s killer TovH artwork. You can also get a beautiful high-res poster of Lauren Gornik‘s amazing OG Toilet ov Hell design.

The Toilet is an ad-free, sponsor-free, bullshit-free website. Each shirt sold helps me pay for data and hosting costs to keep this ship afloat. If you enjoy the content our writers tirelessly create or the community in the comments, please consider picking up a shirt. Or a tank-top. Or a poster. Or just mail me a blank check. Don’t worry, I’ll handle the details.

Buy a Toilet ov Hell shirt right here.

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