Premiere: Stream Demiurgon’s The Oblivious Lure In Full


It’s gonna punch your dick off, but, like, in a good way.

It’s about goddamn time we got a new Demiurgon album. They gave us a little taste back in May, and it only served to whet our appetites rather than sate them. Four years have passed since the band’s mighty debut, but they’re finally back and stronger than ever. Today, we’re bringing you a full stream of The Oblivious Lure, courtesy of Demiurgon and Everlasting Spew Records.

Fans of Above the Unworthy will be pleased to hear the return of everything that made that album so nasty. The band’s sound is still that of a monstrous crushing machine, systematically pulverizing its subjects with blistering low-tuned fretwork supported by relentless percussion and vile, throaty orations. They’ve lost none of their affinity for bendy discordant riffs and screaming pinch harmonics, and both the grooves and production are much thicker. As absurd as it sounds, the overall pace of The Oblivious Lure is actually less urgent than its predecessor, but the more frequent slower portions help balance out the listening experience. Plus, more groove is never a bad thing.

And if you’re new to the band, lest you think this is some knuckle-dragging meathead music (not that there’s anything wrong with that), this is still technical death metal. Beefy and brutal as it is, the riffs are shockingly complex and deftly executed. The drummer’s raw speed is more than enough to demonstrate his proficiency, but even if you’re focusing on the guitars, their complexity might be a bit more subtle. There’s a lot of that BDM kind of spidery fretwork between the bursts of tremolo picking, but they hop across the fretboard ridiculously fast, occasionally bounding between octaves multiple times per measure. The tech death spectacle is definitely present on this album, but it never gets in the way of itself.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Stream that bad boy above, and pick yourself up a copy through Everlasting Spew when it hits on Friday.

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