Album Premiere: The Human Race is Filth – Cognitive Dissonance


Get in extra early on the Toilet stalwarts’ latest.

This is the 4th time we’re featuring Harrisburg’s The Human Race is Filth on this here commode. That means that every one of their releases has gotten some kinda treatment here. Isn’t that lovely? All those memories! Remember when THRIF were a little two-man project? For that matter, remember when we had contests? Good lord.

Since I undeservedly and unceremoniously stole the role of resident grind “expert,” ’twas I myself who covered their last two releases, between which I saw huge improvements. I’m psyched as hell to tell you that that trend continues in a steep upward curve with their latest one, Cognitive Dissonance.

Don’t let that first track fool you—the band have not gone off the rails into experimental territory. No, THRIF continue to do what they do best here, i.e. draw on experience gained in their numerous other projects to expertly combine grindcore with sludge and hardcore, but their best is now better (don’t @ me, linguists). The most immediately notable upgrade is in the cover art, which is, as they say in the art world, extremely fucking sick. Sound-wise, there’s been a big evolution as well, with everything now sounding a lot beefier and meaner compared to the serviceable, but thinner sound of Echo Chambers. The band knew exactly what they wanted and went for it:

“After releasing Echo Chambers in mid-2022, we immediately started writing for a full-length release and wanted a dirtier, more death/grind take on our riffing and style for our next release. It’s not much different than what we usually do but we managed to make it dirtier and much more appealing to our personal tastes. We also added a few elements we haven’t had before in any of our releases. We wrote all the songs (9 Tracks / just over 25 minutes) in a tad over 3 months time. We had Ben [Roth], the engineer/recording geru/Pal, listen to a lot of Vermin Womb to try and vibe with our ideas, and we are happy as hell with what Ben was able to do! We got Joel Grind to master; as a fan of Toxic Holocaust and his mastering work with the likes of Power Trip we really wanted to get his hands on it – and are glad we did!”

Cognitive Dissonance will be out on March 10 (told you’re getting in extra early!)

You can pre-order now on Bandcamp and stalk THRIF on social media.

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