Full Album Stream: Goatburner – Extreme Conditions


And we all know what extreme conditions demand.

The week’s almost over. That means you’re probably about to head on over to Bandcamp to spend what measly amount of money you earned on a slew of new releases. It probably also means that your rage is nearing the boiling point. In this case, you’ll be glad to hear that among said new releases is the debut full-length from maniacal Finns Goatburner, which provides a fine outlet for all the shit you’ve been bottling up. To prove that, we have the honour of premiering the full album today.

Goatburner consists of Spider (Jaakko Forsman of Skulmaggot and Ratface) and Kaos (Keijo Niinimaa of Morbid Evils and Rotten Sound), who got together to concoct a vile brand of old school death metal that includes a couple of influences from grind and a big dose of absolutely disgusting sludge. Says Keijo about the record:

  • “We have been sitting on this album for almost 9 months, which has been a very long time. Knowing that it will be the only debut album this band will ever do, we feel that it represents best how we started and created Goatburner. Songs are deliberately attached to each other, to create one system, like our planet¬† that it talks about. ‘Extreme Conditions’ is lyrically a concept album about weather and it was supposed to be quite light, unlike the weather talk is now. Listen to it as you hear it, uplifting for running, background for partying, soundtrack for apocalypse, whatever you feel like while hearing it.”

There you have it; Extreme Conditions is the ideal album to put on if you wanna let loose. Burn the office down, alienate peers at a social gathering, whatever. I’ve noticed it’s also great for wallowing in despair. Don’t burn goats though. That should be left to these two experts.

Extreme Conditions is out this Friday via Time To Kill Records on CD, LP, and of course, Bandcamp.

Keep up to date with the band here; if you’re in Europe, you might catch them on tour in November.

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