And The Album Art ov the Century is…


Yeah, you’re gonna have to click in, chump.

Just over a month ago we set out on the monumental task of detemining your favourite post-2k album art. We had a massive field of 128 competitors based on reader submissions and TovH faves. After several weeks of gruelling elimination battles, we were left with just 2 covers – Mastodon‘s progressive psychsludge masterwork Leviathan, and Bell Witch‘s monumental mournfest Mirror Reaper.

But first, let’s check the results from our

Adam Burke


Zbigniew M. Beliak

Zhrine juuuuuuust edged out Loss with 50.84% of the vote!

Paul Romano

Mariusz Lewandowski

Bell Witch’s Mirror Reaper took down the behemoth of Leviathan by 62% – 38%.

Here’s how the full pool brackets finished.


That’s it! Yell at each other in the comments section.

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