Premiere: Sahon’s Killer Riffs Bring “Condemnation”


We might as well just cancel our weekly Riff ov the Week competition, because South Korea’s Sahon has the game on lock. Fast as hell riffs. Groove riffs. Squelching riffs, and all manner of thrash riffs. You want it, Sahon’s got it! Today I’m proud as hell to unveil the latest from Sahon’s brand new neck-breaking bruiser, Chanting for the Fallen. Bang your head or be condemned.

When you think of thrash, South Korea isn’t typically the first locale that comes to mind, yet Sahon has been making the case since 1999! And now, with their sixth record, the band is hoping to channel their heritage and claim their place in the genre’s pantheon.

South Korean thrash metal band Sahon have been waging a war against stereotypes since the late ’90s and forging a sound that distills the best elements of extreme metal into a form of thrash metal that holds its own when pitted against the rest. Their latest release encapsulates the struggle over the years and showcases their affinity for their culture and music. From the quaint painting to the very structuring of these aggressive songs, Sahon are proud of their Korean heritage and that is what makes them unique today.

If “Condemnation” is anything to go by, that throne is definitely merited. In the span of less than four minutes, Sahon shred and soar with more riffs (all of which are Grade A!) than output by the entire re-thrash resurgence combined. And they do so with an organic sense of songwriting, each of Chang Myeong Lee’s riffs flowing seamlessly into the next, all accented by Kyoung Hong Kim’s tasteful percussive drive. That taut, lightning fast riff that bursts forth at 2:45 is definitely my favorite, especially when Lee injects a little lead line and mini-solo into the mix. Add in Yong Ho Lee barking in his native tongue, and you’ve got one killer track bristling with both energy and authenticity.

Stab play below and tell me your favorite riff in the comments!

Chanting for the Fallen drops July 15th. Pre-order it on Bandcamp via Transcending Obscurity and follow the band on Zuckpage.

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