Another new Falls of Rauros track, “Waxen Voices”!


If you missed our recent post that covered a brand new track from Falls of Rauros, EDUCATE YO SELF. We got another new one here, and this upcoming album is looking better and better.

In a year that’s already overflowing with fantastic releases, Falls of Rauros are about to add to the deluge (get it? Falls? Water? Deluge? Anybody?). The Portland, Maine black metal outfit graced us with The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood in 2011, but details for their soon-to-be released Believe in No Coming Shore have been sporadic over the past several months. While we got a fantastic new song last week, we’re still forced to wait for a release date and preorders. But hey, we have another new song, premiered over at Invisible Oranges!

The intro to “Waxen Voices” is absolutely gorgeous, and the production has me extremely excited. Dynamics abound, and each instrument is well-balanced in the mix. That holds true once the metal kicks in, and I love the clarity (yes, I’m using clarity in a black metal song description!) and structure of everything; we’re not expected to wade through 10 minutes of tremolo chords and far away blast beats, we get form, sections, and contrast. But! We still have that classic feeling of wandering the foggy forests of the north, and that synthesis of songwriting and production skills is a plus as my year-end lists begin to loom. By the way, I love the guitar solo at 5:52. It makes me think the drummer and bassist were just like “Cool solo, don’t care, still gonna play these parts.” Give it a listen!

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