Toilet Radio 278 – The Diamond Head Interview


Hot damn! This episode features the return of your Toilet Boyz to discuss the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Xmas amid pandemic. The nominees for Grammy best metal performance dropped so you know we gotta discuss our predictions for the eventual winner. We’re also talking about the career arc of Diamond Head. But we’re just three clueless assholes born in the late 80s so our boy IAN steps in at the 30 minute mark to interview Brian Tatler of Diamond Head! The guitarist and founding member of Diamond Head talks about the re-recording of Lightning to the Nations including their cover of Metallica’s No Remorse. (If you’re too young to understand, Metallica owes a bit of their early success to Diamond Head). The two talk about the original recording, DIY’ing in 1980, and the evolution of the band’s style as they tried to make sense of a senseless industry. Brian talks about the band’s late-career surge and DIY’ing here in 2020. It’s a delightful interview and you all ought to tune in right now.

Music featured on this show:
Diamond Head – Out of Phase from Canterbury

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