Flush it Friday: Finding a Haven in the Gloom


Once in a while, I stumble into a game in a genre I despise (usually for little to no reason at all) and come out the other side as a rabid fan—specifically, I’m thinking of Slay the Spire and the card battler genre in general. My latest cave-in? Overly complex board-games like Gloomhaven. What’s even more dangerous is that it’s all available digitally on Steam, and I won’t have to worry about losing one of the 300 pieces if I get hungy and need a snacky.

Dungeon-crawling 4-player co-op with strategic combat and complex mechanics? LOOT? Possibly monsters? There’s a bit of a learning curve (11 tutorial missions), but I’m fiending to start the campaign, which is apparently ~100 scenarios. Learn this game on Steam and play it with me. Nerd.

The Bork is back in town, and he brought some VHS‘ to return:

Review: VHS – I Heard They Suck…Blood

Tha Boiz, the trifecta you know and love, finally reconvened for this week’s Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 343 – The Best Songs of the Year

Megachiles wrote a blistering blackened premiere for Karmanjaka; we’re no longer mega-chilly.

Premiere: Karmanjaka — Ancient Aeon

Karhu listened to more albums this week than I do in a year:

December Roundup: Hyperdontia, Unleashed, Sulphurous, Lord of Pagathorn & Necromonarchia Daemonum

Do you play any super-nerdy, involved board-games? Will you learn Gloomhaven on Steam and play it with me? Will you submit your G/B/Us below? Only time will tell. Nerd.

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