Civil War – Tombstone: A Video Breakdown


It’s not delivery, it’s power metal.

In 2012, four members of Sabaton (guitarists Oskar Montelius and Rikard Sunden, drummer Daniel Mullback and keyboardist Daniel Myhr) decided to strike out on their own and form a new band named Civil War. Apparently, the Sabaton ties still ran deep because much like Sabaton, Civil War sings about historical battle and war. And they also wear goofy costumes. In their short career, Civil War has released an EP and three full-length albums. That fact alone cause Tool to delay their album by another decade. You’d figure the “war well” would have run dry years ago, but nope! Let’s see what epic battle Civil War has decided to feature in their new music video. Gettysburg? Antietam? The Atlanta Campaign? Nah, just some random gunfight.

0:10: Apparently, Civil War is showcasing “The Battle Against Good Taste” in this video.
0:12: And a folk metal song broke out.
0:16: Holy shit. This guy doesn’t move his face when he sings.
0:22: Low budget? No problem. We’ll just move the camera around instead!
0:28: This looks like the telenovela version of Westworld.
0:35: He’s like the long lost brother of Tommy Wiseau.
0:39: “Oh hi, Civil War. I love Lisa so much!”
0:43: His beard is 90% tumbleweed.
0:48: They’re going to have to take so many digital baths to get all that digital dirt out of their beards.
0:54: So how are they powering that keyboard?
0:59: It’s like his face is frozen in time.
1:05: I don’t remember the old west being so bouncy sounding.
1:11: Time to go to Ye Olde Lenscrafters.
1:18: “Let me just whip this out.”
1:21: When you’re the lead singer, you’re the only one that gets a long shadow in the video.
1:27: So it’s a Korn video now.
1:33: Civil War will get a million points if they do a power metal version of “Freak On A Leash”.
1:39: I’d like to hear a high falsetto version of Jonathan Davis’s scat nonsense.
1:45: These cowboys are terrible shots. They keep missing the band.
1:51: Try diplomacy!
1:57: Are they even trying to hit each other?
2:06: Seriously, you’d think they would have hit each other by accident by now.
2:12: They have a music video in the old west and don’t even go to the brothel? Come on.
2:20: This is proof that the South will never rise again.
2:24: Now this is the type of bouncing the Old West was known for.
2:31: That’s not a regulation Confederate beard. Or nose piercing.
2:38: There was more accuracy in Goldeneye on N64.
2:46: “Okay, for this scene, I want you to look like you haven’t had a good bowel movement for the past 2 weeks.”
2:53: “Nah, you don’t have to do it multiple times. We’ll just use the same shot over and over and over again.”
3:01: Maybe they should try talking it out. It would probably be more effective.
3:07: These guys are firing more blanks than a nuclear safety inspector.
3:16: Repeatedly singing “No one cares” in your song is probably a bad idea.
3:20: Wow, it only took the entire music video for someone to get shot. If there’s supposed to be a lesson there, I definitely didn’t learn it.

Civil War’s new album The Last Full Measure now via Napalm Records.

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