Gemini Syndrome – Remember We Die: A Video Breakdown


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Nu metal is back… and not just in POG form. Though it has mostly fallen out of favor over the past, I dunno decade and a half, there has recently been a revival of sorts. The generic riffs, the rapping, the cringey lyrics, the utter lack of self-awareness. There will always be angsty teenagers looking to rebel, and with them comes a new generation of bands. Kids don’t want to listen to the nu-metal “olds.” They want that new nu flavor. They want L.A.’s Gemini Syndrome.

0:06: Peekaboo!
0:10: Music box provided by Jonathan Davis.
0:17: Someone get her to a hospit… oh, right.
0:21: The trampoline gurney was a poor choice in hindsight.
0:25: Nice to see the doctors casually spring into action.
0:30: Dr. No Regrets is here to see you.
0:36: If the song is nothing but this, I’m perfectly okay with that.
0:40: Quick! Wrap her in spaghetti likes she’s in Dischordia!
0:54: I can see why Gemini Syndrome Hospital has such low scores on Yelp.
1:05: Most gas masks have lights inside them, right?
1:12: And that’s how I met your mother.
1:15: Oh. Oh boy.
1:21: Death really cranks up your saturation levels.
1:31: Hey, it’s one of the twins from the second Matrix movie.
1:35: So their name is Gemini Syndrome, but their symbol is an oval with an X on top of it.
1:40: No, no. Don’t try to explain it to me. It doesn’t matter.
1:44: I still see clear patches of skin. What a wuss.
1:50: Why is his kit so far away? Is it like wearing boxers and he just needs the room?
1:54: Putting his smushed face on her body. Awesome.
2:04: We’re just as confused as she seems to be.
2:07: I’m beginning to think this isn’t a hospital at all.
2:15: He’s a Santafarian.
2:18: I hate Mondays? Is Garfield in this band?
2:22: That would be kind of awesome actually.
2:26: A band full of lazy orange cats eating lasagna on stage.
2:38: Well that escalated quickly.
2:41: Meth Lab Explosions: The Very Loud Killer.
2:50: He’s part raccoon, so he’ll be fine. Just let him paw through your garbage a while.
2:58: She’s Neo! This whole thing is starting to kinda, sorta make sense a little bit. Maybe.
3:03: I mean, the blast from the gun is still probably going to fuck him up, but the thought was nice.
3:11: I’m disappointed too, dude.
3:28: So when we die, we’re forced to save people from killing themselves. That’s an interesting take.
3:35: And we get to grab people inappropriately without their consent.
3:41: And turn them into Anonymous.
3:52: These guys are so ready for the Project: Revolution Tour.
3:57: Or Tattoo The Earth
4:03: Or The Family Values Tour
4:09: Or that year Ozzfest had a third stage.
4:12: So the top of his hair is regular, and the bottom is dreadlocks? That has to get complicated when it comes to shower time.
4:16: Does he put the dreads in plastic baggies or wrap them up in aluminum foil?
4:24: Thanks for repeatedly pointing to your wrist to indicate the concept of time.
4:30: I heard you guys like gifs:

4:40: “Remember we die.” Wait, I gotta find a pen to write that down.
4:49: This song is going to be huge for the pickup truck crowd.
4:53: Roll coal on people’s souls.
5:02: The lesson is to remember we die. Or something.

Gemini Syndrome’s album Memento Mori will be released on August 19, 2016.

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