Seek Salvation with Crossover Thrash Punk Metal Band Iron Reagan


Check out the Televangelist-inspired informercial for Crossover Ministry, Iron Reagan‘s next album.

It’s election day in America, and I can’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate the entire rotten affair than with the announcement of a brand new album from Virginia Beach’s own politically hostile band, Iron Reagan. On Februrary 3rd, you’ll get 18 new anthems for hating politicians, the church, your neighbors, and anyone else that’s ever pissed you off. Mixed by Kurt Ballou, Iron Reagan’s 3rd LP promises to be a pretty rockin’ affair.

The band put out a low budget infomercial to promote the album and it’s well worth two minutes of your time. Not only will you get to hear samples from a handful of songs, you’ll also get to see a throwback Jimmy Swaggart impersonation. Not bad!

Crossover Ministry is out February 3rd. Relapse has all kinds of totally siqqq pre-order packages, so check it out and buy me the baseball tee.

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