Comaniac – The New Face Of Hell: A Video Breakdown


Oh nomaniac.

Don’t paint yourself black. Just don’t do it. There is no metaphor or simile so good that you just have to do it. It is not a good look, figuratively and literally. Swiss techy thrash band Comaniac did not get the memo. What is it with Swiss metal bands doing that? How about a music video of a metal band playing in a lovely chalet, wearing warm sweaters and drinking delicious cocoa? Maybe skiing down a mountain while playing your song? No? Okay, well here’s Comaniac’s new music video. Let’s break it down.



He’s just the right amount of greasy to stand directly in front of me at a show for the entire night.


And now we shall read from the The Mad Libsium Arcanorum.


This incantation calls for some Baja Blast.


A hard day at work calls for a soothing bath bomb to melt your troubles away.


*spits on a napkin* Here, let me wipe that shmutz off you.


Sudden Onset Al Jolsonism.


Not quite as sexy as when Kidneythieves did it.


Can’t wait to hear their cover of “Mammy.”


All the kids are Dong Inking nowadays.


This is exactly why I don’t read books.


On the bright side, this won’t hurt their Canadian Prime Minister election chances.


Comaniac’s album Holodox is out on April 3rd via Metalworld.

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