Megadeth – Lying In State: A Video Breakdown


More words from the man who penned ‘Moto Psycho’.

When he’s not doing interviews with Alex Jones and FOX, Dave Mustaine occasionally puts out new Megadeth albums. The band’s latest, Dystopia, was hailed by band loyalists as some sort of return to form. We could probably argue all day if a) that’s true and b) that’s a good thing. It’s not Risk or Super Collider, so it’s already not the worst album the band has ever produced, but again, that’s open to interpretation.

What’s not open to interpretation is that the band just released a video in 2018 for an album that was released in 2016. Why do bands do this? The title track received nabbed the band’s first Grammy, so it’s not like the album received little coverage. Is the band or label trying to squeeze the last few bits of juice out of the album like a perpetually-moist bar towel? I’m glad they did because Megadeth don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to music videos.

0:06: Footage provided by one of the government satellites that Dave thinks is watching him at all times.
0:14: Uh…
0:26: Still better than staying at a Motel 6.
0:34: I want close-ups that are at least 50% closer.
0:40: The fans demand to see the band’s nose hairs.
0:46 This is what Mustaine thinks socialized medicine looks like.
0:53: Video directed by Quentin Tarantino.
1:03: “Hello me, meet the real OH M GOD WHAT IS THAT?!”
1:12: Who hasn’t gone to pay their respects to a deceased love one and seen a cyborg carrying a sword?
1:19: I’d really love an explanation of Goth Mom and Paper Plate Kid.
1:26: Actually, I’d like an explanation for just about everything in this video.
1:33: And I want it explained to me by sock puppets.
1:40: The worst part is that they’re drowning him in light beer.
1:50: Camerawork provided by Alex Jones after snorting his own supplements.
2:04: How long before the grave digger tries to put Mustaine into a freshly-dug hole?
2:12: Someone get Vic Rattlehead a razor scooter or something. This is taking forever.
2:26: I’d even take one of those motorized carts people ride around WalMart.
2:37: Okay, this is getting really uncomfortable.
2:53: It’s always weird when music videos just stop the song.
3:01: People aren’t so invested in this story that they need the music to go away.
3:08: Thank God we heard those footsteps! The video is now that much better!
3:12: The sword should have said, “Remember our album that’s better than this one?”
3:16: It’s weird way to get a circumcision, but I won’t judge.
3:20: Man, that was really worth tacking on an extra 30 seconds to the video.
3:27: Appropriate having a trash fire in this video.
3:36: Someone didn’t read Asimov’s “Three Laws Of Robotics”.
3:42: Hey, remember that other album that’s better than this one?
3:57: Interesting that they went with a sword rather than a gun considering Mustaine’s fondness for them.
4:06: Maybe they just spent all their budget on Vic’s snazzy vest.
4:14: That’s what happens when you eat at Johnny Rockets.
4:28: Please remember when you used to like us!


Megadeth’s album Dystopia is out now from Dave Mustaine’s Tradecraft label via Universal.

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