Premiere: WRAITH take you to the Acid Mass


*rips shotgun* *voms*

There’s few things I love more than perfectly executed blackened thrash. It may seem like a simple formula, you got your thrash riffs, you got your Satan, you likely have a drinking problem. But most of the time, the end result is less In League With Satan and more Steel Panther with a pentagram. Indiana’s Wraith bring the demonic headbangs while gracefully avoiding that corn dog shit. With Absolute Power, the trio’s sophomore full-length, Wraith riffs with a fury that invites wanton beer throwing and irresponsible high fives. You’ll get 9 songs and one Misfits cover in the course of 28 minutes. Among those tracks you got “Acid Mass”, the song I’m stoked to premiere for you today.

Immediately, Wraith distinguish themselves from the pack with muscular production that actually has some beef in the low end (or junk in the trunk, if you prefer). At times the band bring to mind blackened thrash kingpins Midnight while at other points I could swear I was hearing Power Trip. It’s good as hell, folks. Get out your bullet belt and click play. Then go and pre-order Absolute Power, out August 16th, over at Wraith’s Bandcamp page.

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