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End-of-year listmania is in full force here at the Toilet, wherein we sift through the thousands of albums we heard to crown a select few as champions; paragons for the others to gaze upon in wonder and adoration. So why not clog up that process with a few more albums? There are still four Tuesdays left this year (this one included), and I fully intend to cram music down your throats until you all either explode or I keel over in exhaustion. Find your new album of the year below and undo all that hard work you put into building your list.


Fimbulvinter – Начертаны резы древних заклятий (Symbol of Domination) [Black Metal]

Melodic and folkloric passages decorate the frozen spectral music of Fimbulvinter. Uncompromising raspy vocals lead the way through frozen battlefields, showing the remorse of the fighting and the fervor of the ancient. With a couple of old-school thrash winks on the flow of the songs, this Russian band is delivering a killer blow to the increasing folk black metal of Europe. 12/6/15 (Link)

nar mattaru

Nar Mattaru – Ancient Atomic Warfare (I, Voidhanger) [Death Metal]

If you want to introduce an acquaintance to the finesse of South American death metal sound, you can probably find Nar Mattaru’s Ancient Atomic Warfare as a good record that encases the guidelines of our traditional and dark style. An accurate drumworking cements the bases for twisting exotic guitar lines that does not get scared to exalt the Old Gods that dwell in the depths. Thanks to Dr. W for the mention on his killer mini-review of this record. 12/7/15 (Link)

ur durrgurrrrrrr

Ur Draugr – With Hunger Undying (ATMF Records) [Hideous Skronk]

If I had to pick one word to describe With Hunger Undying, it would be sick. Just listen to “Seeds Sown in Famine”. While a nauseous guitar lead vomits all over the rhythm skronk, a stuttering, drunken drum snare stumbles across the scene. So much seems to be going wrong in each song, yet all the parts somehow combine to make something truly special. Do not miss it. FFO: Ad Nauseam, Putridity, Dystrophy 12/7/15 [Spear note: yes, they released it early a couple weeks ago, but I’m still putting it here because reasons] (W.)


Fórn – Weltschmerz (Gildead Media) [Doom/Sludge]

You awaken from fevered dreams to find yourself adrift on a battered raft composed of scraps of what was formerly Her Majesty’s Ship. The salt water stings your eyes as you squint against the oppressive sunlight to search for any hope of rescue upon the horizon. All that you see is the endless roll of the tides. You struggle in vain to remember the details of the horrifying giant that sundered your ship to splinters. You roll on your back and close your eyes, allowing the tidal might of the eternal ocean to carry you where it will. You make peace with death and hope that you will soon join your comrades in a vault at the depths of the abyss. You hear Fórn’s Weltschmerz lulling you into oblivion. FFO: Ahab, Izah, Kauan 12/11/15 (W.)

sequestered keep

Sequestered Keep – Ageless Winter Silence (Independent) [Dungeon Synth]

Sequestered Keep has gotten a lot of love here at the Toilet, and for good reason. It has provided the soundtrack for many a valiant quest and dungeon delve, but I find Ageless Winter Silence evoking a very different feeling for me: solace. Winter has long been my favorite season for a variety of reasons, and the peaceful ambiance presented here brings forth a flood of images and memories. These are the sounds of the cold stillness beneath a starry sky; of faint moonlight filtered through a gentle snowfall; of the winter that I long for. 12/7/15 (Spear)

Absent/Minded – Alight (Independent) [Doom/Sludge]

Bandersnatch – Barking in C (Independent) [Doom]

Blackened – Truth Behind Destruction (Witches Brew) [Thrash]

Black Velvet Band – Pożoga (Art of the Night Productions) [Folk Metal]
Listen to “Nowa Krew”

Blackwülf – Oblivion Cycle (Ripple Music) [Doom]

Bucovina – Nestrămutat (Independent) [Folk Metal]

Diavolos – You Lived Now Die (Hells Headbangers) [Blackened Death Metal]
Listen to “You Lived, Now Die!” “Death Metal”

Dødsferd – Wastes of Life (Moribund Records) [Black Metal]

Doom Machine – Written In Stone (Independent) [Doom]

Elizium – Elysium (STF Records) [Gothic/Doom Metal]
Listen to “Elysium”

Engrave – Embalmed Soul (Ablaze Productions) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Crushed by Death”

Froststarr – Essenz (Independent) [Black Metal]

Galneryus – Under the Force of Courage (VAP) [Power Metal]

Godhole/Crozier – Anthropophobia (collaboration- Vile Noise Records) [Noise/Grind]

Instigator – Bad Future (Gates of Hell Records) [Black/Speed Metal]

Monolithe – Epsilon Aurigae (Debemur Morti Productions) [Death/Doom]

Morphinist – Dustlife (Independent) [Black Metal]

Mortal Infinity – Final Death Denied (Red Dagger) [Thrash]
Listen to “Cult of the Dead”

Nachtlieder – The Female Of The Species (I, Voidhanger) [Black Metal]

Napalm Death/Heaven Shall Burn – The Mission Creep (Century Media Records) [Grindcore/Melodeath]

Overwind – Level Complete (Power Prog) [Heavy/Prog Metal]

Pile of Priests – Void to Enlightenment (Independent) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Incantations of Old”

Pyuria – Cult of Vesalius (Retromingent Vigilante) [Tech Death]
Listen to “This Mortal Boiled”

The Re-Stoned/Wo Fat – The Re-Stoned/Wo Fat (split- Fuzz Lab Records) [Psychedelic Doom]

Saviour – Mystical Perpetual Sleep (Melipulli Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “The Crypts of the Impure”

Sharky Sharky – Super Awesome Mega Rock (Indpendent) [wat]

Sykelig Englen – Hymns of the Dead (Mjølnir Records) [DSBM]
Listen to “Cold Dark Depression”

Spectral Lore – Gnosis (I, Voidhanger) [Black Metal]

Spirits Way – Devoid of Morality (Godeater Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Whole Universe My Realm Solely”

Splitwig – Swine Blues (Unleash The Underground Records) [Brutal Death Metal]
Listen to “Swine Blues”

Triddana – The Power & The Will (Power Prog) [Folk Metal]

Triumvir Foul – Triumvir Foul (Blood Harvest Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Labyrinthine – The Blood Serpents Unwind”

Undawn – Justice Is… (Graviton Music Services) [Metalcore]
Listen to “Coming Home”

Vell’z Fire – Time To Revive (Tower Records) [Heavy Metal]

Voltumna – Disciplina Etrusca (Independent) [Blackened Death Metal]
Listen to “Disciplina Etrusca”

We Are Wolf – Oklahoma (Deafground Records) [Metalcore]
Listen to “Legacy of Crowns”

Yellow Eyes – Sick with Bloom (Gilead Media) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Summoning Redem-” er, “Sick With Bloom”

Yidhra – Cult of Bathory (Black Voodoo Records) [Doom]
Listen to “Cult of Bathory”

Zafakon – Release (Independent) [Death/Thrash]
Listen to “Arbeit Macht Frei”

Zero3iete – Un mundo al revés (Independent) [Heavy Metal]
Listen to “Sangre Y Plata”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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