Consumerism Sucks: A Black Friday Playlist


Look, we get it. There are some hot deals on those huge plasma screens you just have to have. But you should resist the urge because Black Friday sucks. So get down with your punk self and rock out against the man with our Black Friday Sucks playlist!

You see that? Those people aren’t running from bulls. They aren’t fleeing a tornado. They’re running to take advantage of some poor sad sacks who were unfortunate enough to get scheduled to work on the worst night of the year because sometimes middle America is hell. This is madness. You aren’t saving money by spending it on Black Friday. You’re just spending a little less than you would otherwise, but you’re still spending. Don’t be part of the man’s game. However, if you need another reminder not to go out today, read Joe’s post from last year on this very topic.

Black Friday is the antithesis of Thanksgiving, and participating in it is akin to pissing on the best elements of human nature. – Papa Joe

I asked our like-minded staff to give us recommendations for a punk playlist of anti-consumerist jams. Press play below and rage. Let’s remember to stay thankful too!

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