Track Premiere: Instigate – “Witness of the End Times”


After the end, it won’t matter if it was Einstein that said WWIV would be fought with rocks. There won’t be a Snopes to fact-check (or an internet for that matter), and the only celebrities will be the new gods of our irradiated heirs. Social media will take the shape of heads on stakes—posthumous influencers, up to a point. Laws will be written in the language of blood, signed with the end of a club. This is the depraved new world of Instigate‘s “Witness of the End Times.”

Beginning with a bludgeoning, “Witness…” seems designed to daze its prey before the slaughter. There are no frills to be found in this death metal, only broken teeth and tremolos woven together in a brutal trophy. Despite the simple tools on display, there’s a sharp edge to the song’s industry; complex drumming and rapidly shifting riffs excavate the missing link between the OSDM and BDM cultures.

With the breakdown of civilization, our descendants may struggle to understand the age that came before; the words of our dead languages. But if by chance they stumble upon an unscathed Instigate album in the rubble, they’ll surely understand we were a violent lot.

Unheeded Warnings of Decay is out on Friday, June 24th via Everlasting Spew Records
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