Flush it Friday: A New America


It’s Friday afternoon and things will never be the same.

This afternoon there was a peaceful transition of power. The outgoing President, a centrist, has being replaced by a billionaire with a sub-high school level understanding of government, an unquenchable thirst for riches, and an army of ultra-nationalist followers.

Far-right wing politicians control in all three branches of government and they’ve mandated the destruction of the things Americans need most. A deeply flawed but partially effective ACA will be repealed, leaving millions of Americans without health insurance. Cuts to medicare and social security will leave our poorest and most vulnerable citizens without a safety net. Public broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts will be eliminated. National lands, our birthright, will lose federal designation, allowing them to be abused by the oil and gas industry. Climate change will be willfully denied, endangering the entire planet. Are you pissed? Too bad. Republicans are fast at work trying to outlaw peaceful protest.

Worse still, Donald Trump’s sycophantic supporters have been emboldened by his unexpected victory. They call themselves “nationalists”, “deplorables”, or members of “the alt-right”. They are fascists, whether they feel comfortable with that name or not. These fan boys no longer feel the need to hide their prejudice or disdain for women or people of color. Even Republican lawmakers have decided to get in on the pussy grabbing fun that Trump has advocated. It cannot stand.

This is the darkest morning in America that I can recall. But we don’t have to cower in fear or numb ourselves with childish escapist fantasy. There are far, far more Americans that are tired and disgusted by the events unfolding in our country than there are cowardly fascists that would have their way with us. There is strength in numbers and we must unite together. Band together with your friends, your family. Find or form a local organization to stand up for your beliefs, and toss a monkey wrench into the right-wing machine. Personally, I’d recommend joining DSA.

This is our country. Rise. Resist. Overcome.

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