Craving – Spirits Of The Dead: A Video Breakdown


I’m craving some chicken fingers and curly fries.

Have you ever had a hankering for something? Sure you have. You’re human. You have wants and needs and desires. It’s perfectly natural. Have you ever wanted some questionable metal videos? Well, you wouldn’t be here if you did not.

Craving are a German black metal band that just recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. Good for them! Someone send them a cake. Nothing too big. Maybe something with coconut on it. The band also recently released their latest album By The Storm. Grab a slicker and brace yourselves for their new video.

0:06: White Castle would get a whole new audience if they started using that font.
0:12: Some prefer whiskey. Others prefer the dead.
0:14: RIP anyone wearing headphones.
0:24: That’s the “Did I leave the oven on?” face.
0:30: That’s the “Oh, fuck. I did leave the oven on” face.
0:37: And that’s the “I shouldn’t have had that chimichanga for breakfast” face.
0:45: Yelling sweet nothings.
0:49: The urge to stick his tongue in his ear must have been great.
1:06: The band should be craving some sleeves.
1:22: Hexenhammer The Goatmaster disapproves.
1:29: Still disapproving.
1:34: Shaking the camera means something is happening.
1:40: What’s with all the smoke. Did the band forget to set the toaster to ‘Medium Brown’?
1:51: I mean, they did forget their cables and amps.
2:00: And a point to this video.
2:07: You have the most beautiful digital eyes.
2:15: They really bring out the powdered sugar on your face.
2:21: Everyone in this band has this look on their face like you just walked in on them looking at Flintstones porn.
2:32: He’s got serious pudding mouth.
2:40: Like someone just fired a Jell-O pudding cup at his face with a slingshot and hit him square on the lips.
2:50: Resting Merol Face.
3:01: Sure would be nice to see where those epic keys were coming from.
3:14: I can’t provide you with any spirits of the dead, but I can take you to a Wal-Mart on Black Friday. Same thing.
3:23: Hail Hydra!
3:31: “Hey, girl. Want to invoke the Spirits Of The Dead and chill?”
3:39: Whoop whoop, ninja!
3:43: You don’t often see the “Baby made a boom-boom” pose in black metal.
3:48: Hello me, meet the real me.
3:55: “Do you have any idea what time it is, young man?!”
4:00: I had no idea my soul could gag.
4:12: Hot n’ horny black metallers are waiting to kvlt your brains out. Call now!

You can get Craving’s By The Storm here courtesy of Apostasy Records.

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