Riff ov the Week: Bands Whose Names End in the Letters “T” and “H” In That Order


I got a shitload of ideas from you all after last week’s threat to roll on these letter-themed ROTWs until the end of time. Joke’s on you; I wouldn’t have gone through with it. I never go through with anything. You should know that by now. Plus, “E”, “R”, “T”, and “H” are the only letters I know.

Last week, the battle of the “E” and the “R” ended in victory for the mighty Thrower of Bolts and their patron Howard Dean. Joe followed closely behind with Mammoth Grinder.


Well fought, dorks.

Next week:

  • The Dean Machine pitched a cool idea he called Chorus Riff ov the Week. In his own words – “The repeated chorus section of a song and the riff that accompanies it.” But I want to add another one of my stupid ideas because that seems too easy. Here it is: The lyrics of the chorus must be a single word. Time to dig through some old death metal.
  • Send your one-word-chorus riff to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include a link, your name, a description and the time of the riff.
  • Okay.



3:06. PURE EVIL.



Riff starts at 0:18. Thanatos‘ new album was filled with great riffs. This particular riff starts out the album and smashes faces.


Ron Deuce

Mission: Crush Dicks
Assigned to: The Abominable Iron Sloth
Course of Action: Opening bass line followed by full band assault
Result: Mission Accomplished


Tertius Decimus

With many Decrepit Birth songs in mind I’m going to submit Bloodbath‘s “Outnumbering the Day”. Don’t ask why. The riff starts at 0:25.


Maik Beninton

The catchy intro riff.


Shrimp in a Pizza Box

Description: 0:00. I liek dis.



Perhaps the lowest of the low-hanging fruit, but fuck you what a riff. The whole song is epic, but I guess the actual RIFF would start at 7:05.


Ted Nü-Djent

The tempo and the urgency of this song builds and builds until it all explodes at 1:37.
I saw Brutal Truth on the tour cycle for this album at a pub in Sydney and it’s still one of the most intense and insane live shows I’ve ever witnessed.


Howard Dean

Black metal of the fiery damnation variety, a relative maelstrom of brimstone in a single serpentine riff. Aosoth bring you to fiery lake with their hot-as-Hades guitar tone and eerie-as-fuck riffs. Not for the weak. Starts at 0:22.



Skronky, pickscrapes, haunting vocals, Italians, a fantastic combination at 0:45.


Old Man Doom

First part of the song (listen for a couple minutes). This riff truly evokes, as the title suggests, a brutal hunt through wilderness and rough terrain. This section leads into an awesome Pink Floyd-ian/Mastodonian breakdown in the song’s middle. From this point, the song transitions into its final movement: a heavy-as-fuck caveman stomping outro. Check out the whole song if any of this sounds appealing (and the entire album for that matter). Mountain metal at its finest.



Kayleth are a spacey, yet groovy band hailing from Italy. Float through the cosmos @2:53



There’s really only two riffs in this song and so I went for the other one. And just in case you forget, “Black Metal ist Krieg!”. Riff starts at 2:55.



Is it metal? No. Do I care? Not in the slightest. Synthrock gloriousness from less than a month from now. So much awesome in on keyboard riff. Riff starts at the beginning, though you won’t be able to tell, you’ll be too busy flailing your arms around like you were in a late 80’s Manchester night club and had just took 5 hits of E.



Riff starts just after 1:00. Should play from the start though, you won’t. YOU WON’T.


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