Jungle Rot – Doomsday: A Video Breakdown


Taco Doomsday.

As the saying goes, controversy creates cash. If you tell people something is bad, there’s a segment of the population that will go out and do it. Butt-chugging is a good example. In today’s crowded music market, a controversy or publicity stunt can help a band garner some attention for their new album. That’s not to say actively courting trouble to make money is a good business plan, but it does bring eyes and ears to products. All of this doesn’t matter though when a band makes a feeble attempt at an obviously manufactured publicity stunt.

Upon A Burning Body is a prime example of a band (or management) coming up with a stupid idea to try to get people talking. The band claimed that singer Danny Leal had been kidnapped, causing many websites to report it as fact. It was complete bullshit and probably did more harm than good. Did a little stunt and the controversy help them? Doubtful.

Though not as earnest as UABB’s stupid stunt, Jungle Rot recently tried to pass off the video for their song “Doomsday” as having been “flagged by the government for inciting ‘dissension’.” Oh, the “government?” Not, say, Homeland Security or the CIA? Why not the Girl Scouts of America or The North American Man-Dragon Love Association? Is President Obama sitting in the Oval Office, surrounded by his Joint Chiefs of Staff, advisers, and the presidential candidates from both parties demanding the immediate stoppage of all death metal videos from bands that share a record label with bands like Kissing Candice, Snow White’s Poison Bite, and Neurotic November? Let’s take a look at the music video that was so mind-fuckingly controversial that the United States government just had to stop it from being released onto an unsuspecting public.

0:02: A color change to some clouds? Clearly these terrorists in Jungle Rot must be stopped!
0:07: Penis helmet.
0:12: Oh, yeah. His face definitely matches that sound.
0:25: A fish-eye lens? This video is using the same techniques that a shady landlord uses to make a shitbox apartment look spacious.
0:33: Over 300 channels and nothing but snow.
0:36: Alex Jones: The Later Years.
0:41: Another few hours under those lights and he’ll officially be a Burger King french fry.
0:47: That room definitely smells of canned beans and pig slop.
0:55: That gas mask is required for the official Jungle Rot Hot Box.
0:58: “Alright, boys! Drop and squat!”
1:03: Nice of Victory to spring for Google Earth.
1:09: Live footage? Really?
1:16: This must be from one of the early Rockstar Mayhem fests before it all went to shit.
1:22: Maybe we’ll get a cameo from fellow Mayhem Fest alum Sister Sin.
1:30: Judging by that guy’s baton, it looks like the FBI won’t be the only ones doing the probing.
1:34: Look out! The government is in your light bulbs!
1:40: Some serious eighthead going on.
1:43: “Gah! Brain freeze!”
1:50: Some government regulations may help Jungle Rot out with their shaky camera problem.
1:56: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
2:00: I really want to play Silent Scope right now.
2:06: Or chuck some maple syrup-filled balloons at them.
2:13: So we’re at a different Jungle Rot show? Were they only allowed to film 20 seconds at Mayhem Fest?
2:20: Jungle Rot can’t melt steel beams.
2:25: Jungle Rot was the second gunman on the grassy knoll.
2:27: Jungle Rot knows all eleven herbs and spices in KFC’s recipe.
2:33: Jungle Rot faked the moon landing.
2:39: Jungle Rot knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.
2:45: Aww, you spilled his Prepper Jam. That took hours to jar!
2:54: Yeah, I could see why the government funneled all their resources into preventing this explosive bit of death metal.
3:00: “These chuggity chugs and weedily deedilies will not stand!” – “President” ObummeriKKKa.
3:05: It was nice of Phil Labonte to allow Jungle Rot to shoot in his house.
3:10: Way less feces smeared on the walls of his house than I expected.
3:13: That was really worth stopping the song.
3:24: Jungle Rot is really a grown-up Jonbenet Ramsey.
3:29: Jungle Rot crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.
3:35: An accurate representation of the audience watching this video.
3:40: He’s going to be all out of delicious Prepper Jam when the Ruskies drop the Big One on us.
3:44: His toast is going to be all dry, and he’ll have no reason to go on.
3:48: And no more chocolate sauce to mix with his milk.
3:43: Here’s a better song called “Doomsday.”
3:57: Wow. Thankfully, Jungle Rot was able to get the government to free this life-altering video from their iron grip.

Jungle Rot’s album Order Shall Prevail is available now via Victory Records.

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