Toilet Radio 198: Unionize the Entire Music Industry


This week me and 365 Days of Horror are discussing the topics what been kicking around our squishy brain spaces. We’re talking: The surprising participant reactions to our Battle for Ozzfest show / There’s a new Tool song! We didn’t listen to it. / Ronnie Radke memes enraging the masses, has Toilet ov Hell gone POLITICAL?! / Kid Rock’s entire career is a big fuckin’ con job perpetrated by a shitty trust funder. Help us find his sex tape with Scott Stapp / We try to figure out what the hell The Hunt is and discuss right wing action movies that are kinda good / Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee has a real dumb vision of a liberal utopia. / Wanna defeat Spotify? Unionize the entire music industry. By forcing bands to sell tickets / We have an uncomfortable discussion about revelations that the Dayton murderer occupied similar spaces in the metalsphere. We reflect on misogyny in the scene and the need to get that shit outta here. / Rotting Christ is us / It’s hot as fuck outside, don’t die for metal / It’s a show, folks. Just for you.

Music featured on this show:
Road Mutant – Red Zone Rippers from Red Zone Tapes (Vol 1)

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