Disgusting New Metal from Lord Rot and VHS


Two bands obsessed with blood and horror, one tight little split.

Toilet regulars are surely familiar with Ontario’s premiere Slashers, VHS. These horror freaks are back with two new murder jams with the like-minded gorehounds in Scotland’s Lord Rot and we’re stoked to premiere a track from each band.

VHS start us off with “August 18th 1973”, the date that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre took place. The track begins with a slowed-down voiceover from the film and lurches into a mid-paced death metal stomp with suitably vomit-y vocals. Sawtastic! Also on the VHS side of the split is “Leatherface”, “Human Head Cheese”, and “Chainsaw (a Ramones cover). Gee, I wonder if those guys like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Lord Rot leans into a clearly blackened take on death metal with killer guitar solos on “Flowers of Flesh and Blood”. The song shudders and screams like the victim in Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood, a film so nasty that Charlie Sheen was convinced it was a real snuff film. Also on Lord Rot’s side is “Flayed Alive”, a track that fans of Impetigo are definitely gonna wanna hear.

You can preorder this extremely limited edition split on tape over at Dirty Needle Records. This is limited to just 100 copies and promise to be “housed in evidence bags” which rules. Get it now and then go tell VHS and Lord Rot about your favorite horror films on Facebook.

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