Riff Of The Week: Canine Edition


Riffs from Demolition Hammer, Gash, Rush, and Nekromantheon.
Bark for your fave.

Last week for our Skin Edition we had a close one between Endrot and Carcass, with the veteran dermal abrasives succumbing in the end.

This week our theme is Canine/Dog
Let’s see what you sent in…

Demolition Hammer – ‘Hydrophobia’ (Riff @ 0:00)

This week I bring a riff from a song that sounds like it’s supposed to be about drowning or something from the title. But nah, it’s about a mad doggy with rabies who bites a guy, or as Dem Ham puts it, a “bloodstained lethal quadruped/poised for attack”. No, bad dog, that’s not nice!

Gash – ‘Bone and Frozen Pus’ (Riff @ 1:46)

Because what do dogs go crazy for? That’s right: frozen pus! Amidst the incredible murk of this demo, the band suddenly finds time for this fun little bit.

Rush-By-Tor and The Snow Dog (Riff @ 3:07)

Y’all are all out there listening to the new Blood Incantation when you should just be listening to Rush if you want nerdy-ass riffs. This is one of their songs that’s about a good dog.

Nekromantheon – ‘Raised By Dogs’ (Riff @ 2:00)

Norwegian thrash/death>>>>>black metal

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