The Most Innovative Guitarists In Metal Right Now: Round One (Pt.II)


Today we conclude voting on round one of the new tournament where you help us decide which modern guitarist deserves recognition for their boundary pushing creativity in metal.

If you missed yesterday’s opening match-ups, make sure you head over there today to cast your vote and catch the first half of the qualifying bracket. There you will find the details of the competition, selection criteria, and all that kinda bullshit. Today we’re covering the right hand side of the bracket. This will decide who makes it through to the second round where they will meet the mysterious 16 top seeds (denoted by ??? below) who were deemed amazing enough to score a first round bye. Today’s half sees some more cruelly designed match-ups, along with a couple of easy choices. Look, we had to include a few crowd suggestions otherwise this would just be too fucking tough from the get-go. So once again, if you missed the tournament opener, go back and hit yesterday’s polls, get the gist of the comp etc. Once you’re up to date, move on below.

Now it’s time for you to listen in and cast your crucial votes.

Dan Gargiulo (Artificial Brain | Revocation)

Sounds from the labyrinff constellation.

Nick Lee (Moon Tooth)

More into pulling-off than hammering-on by the sounds of it, nawadimean?

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Dave Muntean (Nucleus)

Weird death riffs that bridge the gap between Adramelech and a dystopian sci-fi future.

Peter Hraur (Lör | Ashen Waves)

Showing that not all trad/power dorks cling to the past like their fave dragon pillow.

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Stephen O’Malley (Sunn O))) | Khanate | Æthenor | etc.)

Stephen O’))) is doing things I’m not sure anyone else has the patience to achieve on the instrument.

Shawn Hache (Mitochondrion | Auroch)

Would you rather fight 100 ribosome-sized mitochondrion or one mitochondrion-sized ribosome?

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Brendan Campbell (Daemogog | Octexosis | Hermit Cult)

Wormhole ripping riffs, lysergic-laced lunacy, and experimental burial hexes.

Nökkvi G. Gylfason (Zhrine | Svartidauði)

Creating those caustic compositions that Iceland has become renown for.

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Matt Hollenberg (Cleric | John Frum)

The spazz-jazz extraordinaire you probably don’t know but really fucking should.

Mories (Cloak Of Altering | Hagetisse | Caput Mortuum)

Apparently there are guitars in some of his 48 current projects. There’s probably a statistical law about this. I don’t know enough about either thing.

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Ska-Gul (Inferno)

With each release since Black Devotion, Inferno have progressed from mere occult-dabbling thematics into wild unearthly transcendence. Ska-Gul’s guitarwork is central to this transformation.

Vlad Melnik (Neurogenic)

Pushing the limits of technical brutality, your riff fix in a pinch.

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Chris Johansen (Execration)

Alien soundscapes so richly textured you can smell the sublimating sulphides.

Patrick Brown (Howls Of Ebb)

Ride the weirdest wave of death in the comp so far.

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B.S.T (Aosoth | Temple Of Baal | VI | The Order Of Apollyon)

Multi-faceted French cut of pure onyx.

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