Toilet Radio with HOUR OF PENANCE


In this thrilling episode of the Toilet ov Hell Radio Show, Joe and 365 chat up Paolo Pieri, guitarist and vocalist in Italian death metal band Hour of Penance! Join us as we talk with him about Pizza Hut, the death of religion in the world, and the reason why it’s so difficult for international bands to get visas to tour the United States. Other topics on this show include libertarian rap-metal, the dumbest piece of Emmure merch yet, and a long discussion on perhaps the worst Troma movie ever made, Rock n’ Roll Space Patrol. This show is one spicy meatball!

Music featured on this program:

Hour of Penance – “XXI Century Imperial Crusade” from Cast the First Stone (Facebook)(Listen and Preorder)
True Temper – “Temper Control” from Choke Chain  (Facebook)(Bandcamp)


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