Erik Wunder and Phil McSorley part ways; Cobalt to release new album in 2015


Erik Wunder and Phil McSorley, the duo behind ferocious American metal band Cobalt, have parted ways. The band is to continue under the direction of Wunder, and will be recording the band’s new full length, Slow Forever, in June of 2015. Wunder announced the split via the band’s Facebook page early this morning.

“It is with great sadness that I have to announce the following: I will be moving forward with Cobalt without my brother Phil. His recent activities have made it impossible for the two of us to continue on a creative path. We started Cobalt 12 years ago, and our music has carried us through many storms. I am extremely proud of what we have done. But our ideals no longer match, and it is time to keep going. I’ve been working rigorously on the material for ‘Slow Forever’, and I am set to enter the studio in June 2015 to begin tracking. The loss of Phil is a devastating blow, but I can’t let what has happened stop me from completing my work. I am still unclear as to who will be doing the vocals on the album. I have some people in mind. Or I may do them myself. We’ll see. But it is ultimately sad to lose Phil’s relentless presence and savage force. More will be posted as it develops. Thank you to everyone who has supported Cobalt over the years and continues to support the band.

Erik W.”

The decision to go separate ways is not at all surprising. McSorley, the former vocalist of Cobalt and current force behind the raw black metal band Recluse, employed some colorful hate slurs while accusing a prominent metal journalist of trying to build a “USBM friendship scene,” and bringing a “liberal agenda” of political correctness and social awareness into metal.

Erik Wunder, who plays all instruments in Cobalt and is the mastermind behind the dark acoustic/folk band Man’s Gin, quickly responded, stating that McSorley’s opinions did not represent Cobalt.

After an exciting and hopeful 2013, which saw Cobalt announce a new album and conduct a mini-tour of the United States (including an appearance at that year’s Maryland Deathfest), 2014 has been a rollercoaster year for the band. On March 17th, 2014, McSorley announced via the band’s Facebook page that he was leaving Cobalt:

“I have decided to quit Cobalt. I am grateful for what Cobalt started from, and the impressive amount of people affected by its music. I still feel a connection with the work we did, but I no longer feel that I am a part of its vision. Cobalt started with Erik and I making angry and heartfelt music, that later moved into more expressive music. It held a ton of symbology [sic] to my life, and for its help in making me who I am I am grateful. I will continue to make music on my own terms, but for me Cobalt is best left where it is. Thanks to all for the years of friendship and support. If Erik continues to create under the name Cobalt I support his decision. He was always a genius anyway.”

However, within the next two months, the duo decided to resume work with Cobalt in order to see the new album through to completion. SOURCE

Cobalt are currently signed to Canada’s Profound Lore. With the recording of the album scheduled for June of next year, we can likely expect Slow Forever to drop some time in Q4 of 2015. Slow Forever will be the band’s 4th full length, and the first since 2009’s incredible opus, Gin. In the meantime, jam out to a track from 2007’s Eater of Birds.


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Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post included personal information that has since been removed.

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